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Re: Ornithopsida (was Re: Dinosauria---Rejected Name?)

Nick Pharris (NJPharris@aol.com) wrote:

<Thus, the content might change depending on your phylogenetic hypothesis.
 If turtles are archosaurs, Chelonopsida would be a subgroup of
archosauria, and pareiasaurs, etc., would be outside any of the groups
named above. Similarly, if pterosaurs are derived prolacertiforms, they
would not fall into any of the five groups.>

  To what resolution besides purely crown-clade groupings can this offer
purely fossil taxa? Life is more than living versus fossil groups, and
this phylogeny would be based soley on living groups, often to the
detriment of any resolution offered by fossil taxa. I think this point was
raised before.

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