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Re: Dino Cladogram

dachande wrote-
> Could anyone tell me if the following cladogram is up to date?
> Here is the link: http://www.dinosauria.com/dml/dmlf.htm
No, it's not.  As Jeff Poling says on that page, he patterns his cladograms off the Dinosauricon, but hasn't updated them for a long time.  As an example, on the first page of the cladogram-
Dinosauria incertae sedis includes-
"Beelemodon", a probably indeterminate coelurosaur.
"Hadrosauravus", Horner's original name for Kritosaurus latidens.
"Hunhosaurus", a misspelling of "Honghesaurus", which is an early name for Yandusaurus hongheensis.
"Lancangosaurus", an early name for Datousaurus bashanensis.
"Luanpingosaurus jingshanensis", actually is Dinosauria incertae sedis.
Macroscelosaurus, a synonym of Tanystropheus.
"Proiguanodon", an improperly proposed synonym of Iguanodon.
"Protrachodon", a synonym of Orthomerus created to make Protrachodontidae valid.
Qinlingosaurus luonanensis, a valid neosauropod.
"Sanchusaurus", an indeterminate probable ornithomimid.
Shanyangosaurus niupanggouensis, a valid possible oviraptorosaur, probably a maniraptoran at least.
"Tyreophorus", a misspelling of Thyreophora.
You can see it's not very accurate at all, which is a shame because the site is quite well done.  Jeff seems to be difficult to contact via e-mail, but if anyone would like to suggest to him that he update his site with the Dinosauricon's latest info (although even the Dinosauricon isn't getting updated while Mike makes the new version), it would be appreciated by many.  In the meantime, go to http://dinosauricon.com/taxa/index.html for your cladogram needs.
Mickey Mortimer