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Re: Aliwalia Rex?

dachande wrote-
> I was looking trough a list of early dinosaurs, and this one came to my atention, DinoData, the > place where I was searching says it mesures 11m in length.
> Dose anyone know if this data is corect?
Galton (1999) reports that the distal femur is 261 mm across.  Comparing this to 102 mm in the holotype of Herrerasaurus, which is estimated at 3.5 meters long (using Novas, 1993), results in an estimated length of 9 meters.  Using Paul's (1988) mass estimate for the Herrerasaurus holotype results in a weight of about 3.5 tons.  Of course, Aliwalia seems to be in the coelophysoid + neotheropod clade, making comparisons with Herrerasaurus less accurate, but these estimates are probably not far off.
Mickey Mortimer