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"T.rex" at Olympics

"Mr. & Mrs. T-rex" made 2 appearances at the Olympics Closing Ceremonies.

They appeared peering over the rim of the stadium.  Both were articulated
(and animated [or should that be puppeted :-) ]) skulls.  Each skull, as
shown, appeared to be nearly 10 meters in length.  In addition, there was
one appearance of a skeletal, animated tail - probably 30 meters in length.

If these were real, the overall length of the "T-rex"s shown would exceed 70
meters!  That would show those upstart _Carcharodontosaurus_ and
_Giganotosaurus_ and _Spinosaurus_!  To say nothing of those sauropods!

Note that, Wizard of Oz style, Donny and Marie were revealed to be the
controllers of the puppets - during the puppet's second appearance (while
the Rexes were singing "We Are Family").


Have fun!

Allan Edels