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Re: Aliwalia Rex?

> Perhaps Murchison returned the
> material to Brown, who then had the bones sent along to Vienna. [...]
> the Aliwal material [...], now spread through three museums in
> three countries (in London, Vienna, and Paris), [...]
> the Vienna specimens, [...]
>     The Vienna bone fragments were reexamined by Peter M. Galton [...]
> Type specimen: [...] kept as separate
> specimens at the Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna, Austria

Are you serious!!! *Aliwalia* is _here_!?!?! Why... how... :-O :-o :-O :-o

> Not until 1980 did Zimbabwean paleontologist Michael R.
> Cooper suggest that it might have wound up at the Hofmuseum in Vienna,
> Austria.

This is indeed the NHMW (renamed from "Court Museum" in 1918 with the end of