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Re: Ornithischian manus (or foot) skin prints

OK, maybe I have to make my question clearer: is the skin of the TOP of the toes known, and if not, what's the most likely:
tiny scales or large birdy scales?
Friendly - LJB.

_Caririchnium leonardii_(orinthopod trackway, MWC 201.1)
"indicate subcircular to oval tubercles averaging 3-5 mm in diameter in the toe region and up to 10 mm in maximum dimension under the heel region"

hadrosaur footprint
"any particular region of the foot of TMP 87.76.6 the tubercals are relatively uniform in size and are oval in shape. Underneath the metatarsus, the tubercles are larger, the maximum dimension ranging between 3.5-5.0 mm in diameters whereas tubercles underneath the toes have smaller maximum diameters, ranging between 1.5 and 3.5 mm."