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Re: Ornithischian manus (or foot) skin prints

large then. or Wait for the paper. :?)


--- On Mon 02/25, Aspidel wrote:
> OK, maybe I have to make my question clearer: is the skin of the TOP of the
> toes known, and if not, what's the most likely:
> tiny scales or large birdy scales?
> Friendly - LJB.
> From: paleo_mont@excite.com
> _Caririchnium leonardii_(orinthopod trackway, MWC 201.1)
> "indicate subcircular to oval tubercles averaging 3-5 mm in
> diameter in the toe region and up to 10 mm in maximum dimension under the
> heel region"
> hadrosaur footprint
> "any particular region of the foot of TMP 87.76.6 the tubercals are
> relatively uniform in size and are oval in shape. Underneath the
> metatarsus, the tubercles are larger, the maximum dimension ranging between
> 3.5-5.0 mm in diameters whereas tubercles underneath the toes have smaller
> maximum diameters, ranging between 1.5 and 3.5 mm."