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RE: Ornithischian manus (or foot) skin prints



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Subject: Re: Ornithischian manus (or foot) skin prints


OK, maybe I have to make my question clearer: is the skin of the TOP of the toes known, and if not, what's the most likely:

tiny scales or large birdy scales?

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If you really wanted to know if they had large birdy scales (Scutellate tarsus) then why ask about the footprints? There is 99% chance against it ever being preserved in a foot print (right now none that have been found, but you just never know. The foot print might be from the ‘front’ of the foot say if it was lying down). If you had my book you’d have some examples for Theropod feet. There are mummified hadrosaurs that have manus and pes impressions. None have the large birdy scales. Shortly I will be writing an article for Prehistoric times on hadrosaur mitts. I was able to study a cast of the Senkenburg Edmontosaurus mummy (much to my surprise it was where I happened to be J ). Unfortunately the feet on this specimen didn’t have skin impressions. There are other new specimens (Brachylophosaurus and a new really complete Edmontosaurus) that have skin impressions.


This is actually a good question whether or not dinosaurs had them or not. And if so, which ones? Was it just on the feet or hands or both? There are also different kinds of Scutellate tarsi so which ones to use?


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