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Re: Burpee Recollections (champsosaurs)

On Mon, 25 Feb 2002 03:29:27  
 Ken Kinman wrote:
>     I thought that Susan Evans had already found champsosaurs from the 
>Jurassic?  And that Storrs and others believe that Pachystropheus is an 
>Upper Triassic champsosaur.
>     Or perhaps Bakker was referring to champsosaurids in particular, rather 
>than champsosaurs (choristoderes) in general.  Of course, they are so rarely 
>found that any find is significant.

Unfortunately, I can't be of much help here.  I don't know enough about 
champsosaurs, and can't speak for Bakker.  Perhaps he was referring strictly to 
the champsosaurids...or, perhaps, he was embellishing for the audience (I doubt 
he would do that, but he is Bakker...)  But, yes, the find certainly is 
significant and I await the paper.


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