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New 2002 paper

Conrad C. Labandeira, Kirk R. Johnson, Peter Wilf, 2002
Impact of the terminal Cretaceous event on plant-insect associations.
Proceedings National Academy of Sciences 99(4):2061-2066
Kirk Johnson's work, since 1989 (his dissertation, and a 2000 paper  with Peter Wilf and Conrad Labendeira in Science re: leaf beetles are highly recommonded), on the ecomorphologies of plants/insects, provide the researcher with a "time machine"-like glimpse into the period of time (say, within a few weeks) just after the impact. Of interest, moreover: the specialist insects were eradicated...one wonders if there were other taxa (dinosaur) specializing  in a diet specifically on these insects (a protein link: plant > specialist insect > specialist dinosaur). As it could be the feathered Chinese taxa, in heavily canopied rainforests and broad-leafed evergreen woodlands, were insectivorous, one wonders who among them survived the effects of the extraterrestrial impact (Jim Carey's brilliant interpolations of behavioural systems re: survival provide tools).