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A Request for Assistance on a Subject Fantastical

Greetings one and all. I'm a man who likes dinosaurs, and who plays the game Dungeons & Dragons. Among the creatures found in D&D is the basilisk. Which is, in the game, an eight legged reptile which can turn any into stone who look into the creature's eyes. I decided I wanted a different sort of basilisk.

So I made it a dromæsaurid dinosaur, most closely related to the deinonychids and velociraptors; falling somewhere between the two groups. I also decided there would be three genera in the basilisk (basilosaur) family. But, I could come up with only one genus name; Basilosaurus, the Common Basilisk.

This is where you come in. I have two genera of basilisk, the Songbird Basilisk and the Greater Basilisk that need genus names. I also have 12 species of Songbird Basilisk, 7 species of Common Basilisk, and 3 species of Greater Basilisk that need species names. Since a fair number of you have practice with naming new genera and species I'm hoping you could assist me in this project. You will receive credit in my upcoming basilisk book (an electronic publication) and a contributor's copy should you like one.

So far I have decided on 5 species, the rest are still up in the air. There you have a chance to influence what sorts of basilisks get written up. I have three species of Songbird Basilisk; the Wren, Canary, and Sparrow. With two species of Common Basilisk, Whitefield's Common Basilisk, and the Common Basilisk.

Please note that I will chose the genus and species names from those submitted, though early submissions will take precedence. I will also be making use of alternate names in order to give the whole thing an air of scientific verisimilitude.

Think of this as a chance to exercise your imaginations and take a (brief) break from reality. Have fun with it. I look forward to your feedback.