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Re: A Request for Assistance on a Subject Fantastical

On Tue, 26 Feb 2002, Alan Kellogg wrote:

> So I made it a dromęsaurid dinosaur, most closely related to the
> deinonychids and velociraptors; falling somewhere between the two
> groups.

pedantic note (on the DML? NO!): No such thing as Deinonychidae --
_Deinonychus_ and _Velociraptor_ are both velociraptorine dromaeosaurids.
(Greg Paul actually put them both in the same genus -- _Velociraptor_.)

> I also decided there would be three genera in the basilisk
> (basilosaur) family. But, I could come up with only one genus name;
> Basilosaurus, the Common Basilisk.

_Basilosaurus_ is a real animal -- a prehistoric whale (a.k.a.
_Zeuglodon_). How about "Basiliscoraptor"?

(I'll save the rest of my suggestions for off-list e-mail -- this seems
kind of off-topic.)

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