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Ken Kinman wrote:

>           However, it would not surprise me if they

(referring to tyrannosaurs)

> had such a covering on the
> back end (rump and tail), especially during brooding of eggs, assuming that
> they directly brooded their eggs in some manner.

I don't think that multi-ton animals should brood their eggs.  The eggs
would be
smashed.  (Can you believe there was actually some discussion about this
a few
years ago on our list)?!  An ostrich egg is remarkably strong, but it
can only
support about 128 kilograms (285 pounds) before it breaks.  And please
bear in
mind that the large theropod eggs such as _Tyrannosaurus rex_ deposited
may have
been elongate ellipsoid eggs, which would have been considerably weaker
(from a
geometric standpoint) than ostrich eggs (which are much rounder).

Perhaps your tyrannosaurs should warm their eggs in some other way.

--------------Ralph W. Miller III