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However, it should be noted that giant ground sloths were probably nocturnal. And even if they were diurnal, they wouldn't get overheated chasing down their "botanical" prey. ;-)
Now if tyrannosaurs were nocturnal and pure scavengers, then maybe a whole body covering (except the head?) wouldn't be so problematic. Possible, but I wouldn't bet on it (and we do have those naked skin impressions).
As for tyrannosaurs crushing their eggs, maybe I am giving them too much credit for being able to build a well cushioned nest and using muscles to keep its weight from bearing down too hard. If this really is so problematic, how about them just laying the base of the tail over the egg (eggs) or maybe the upper breast or neck area? In any case, I have a hard time believing that they didn't have nesting behavior of some kind. I also think that their eggs were probably more round than elongate (and almost certainly not ornithoid).
------ Cheers, Ken

P.S. I wonder if segnosaurs were nocturnal. They would be more likely to have a sloth-like covering than tyrannosaurs.

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