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Brooding rex? (was Feathers for T. rex)

>If this really is so problematic, how about them just laying the base of
the tail over the egg (eggs) or maybe the upper breast or neck area?<
Perhaps, this'll be relevant, perhaps not. At the Tucson Gem and Mineral
Show this year, Black Hills had a cast of a positively _monstrous_ nest, at
least 10 feet in diameter, containing one row (loosely using row, I suppose.
Egg line that ran around the circumference) of these elongate eggs that are
being discussed, and were laying mostly flat; not sticking up out of the
nest surface too much (crushing? actual orientation?). Now, I don't know,
nor can we know unless some of those eggs have embryos (or are the same
shell type as known embryo-containing eggs) what animal laid these eggs, but
the two likely candidates (_Tarbosaurus_ and _Therizinosaurus_, the only two
animal I know of big enough to do this from that area) probably didn't sit
on this nest, regardless of egg shape being weak, and the animals being too
heavy, because AFAIK, neither of these animals had a torso 10 feet across!
Anyways, don't know if this is really helpful to this discussion, but I hope

>In any case, I have a hard time believing that they didn't have nesting
behavior of some kind.<
Why not?

>I also think that their eggs were probably more round than elongate (and
almost certainly not ornithoid).<
Based on?

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