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Re: Brooding rex? (was Feathers for T. rex)

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Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2002 12:23 PM
Subject: Brooding rex? (was Feathers for T. rex)

> At the Tucson Gem and Mineral
> Show this year, Black Hills had a cast of a positively _monstrous_ nest,
> least 10 feet in diameter, containing one row (loosely using row, I
> Egg line that ran around the circumference) of these elongate eggs that
> being discussed, and were laying mostly flat; not sticking up out of the
> nest surface too much (crushing? actual orientation?).

This nest cast was not based on an actual nest, if I remember correctly.
>From what I recall, it was a composite cast of a couple different eggs that
were replicated to create the effect of a large nest. This may or may not be
based on actual finds, but you'd have to talk to the molders and casters to
find out for sure.

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