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Re: Brooding rex? (was Feathers for T. rex)

That's interesting, Rob. Perhaps big theropods could lay eggs along one side of a nest and nuzzle their body up next to the eggs (instead of ON them). How many eggs were in that huge nest. The more eggs, the more likely it would be a vegetarian like Therizinosaurus (while meat-eaters tend to have comparatively fewer young).
I've forgotten what shape therizinosaur eggs are, but the shell microstructure was not ornithoid (and not very elongate if I recall correctly). I believe tyrannosaurids probably had eggs pretty similar to therizinosaurs (segnosaurians), but that is based on my own views of coelurosaur phylogeny. If they were ornithoid eggs, perhaps a big caenagnathid laid them?
------ Ken

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