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Fwd: Herp Name Project Essentially Complete

  I know, I know this is not dinosaur related. I'm sorry. I just thought
some of you guys could use this as reference. 
Marco  Mendez
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If you haven't looked at  http://ebeltz.net/herps/etyhome.html  lately, do click in.  I've essentially completed a 16-year-long project of translating the scientific names of the amphibians and reptiles of north America (with biographies) by adding the index to original descriptions - each and every one personally checked in the original.  That doesn't mean there can't be typos... so please browse your favorite critters and let me know what you think!
Anyone who finds any errors will be acknowledged on the site!  Also, please feel free to mention the site on bulletin boards, newsgroups and by forwarding this email to others.  Thank you.
Ellin Beltz
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