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Jordan Mallen writes: "we have fossil evidence (i.e., skin impressions) that prove that
tyrannosaurids were not covered in feathery integument "
(I've just downloaded a load of stuff from the archives, so my next comments my have to be modified after I read it)
I have heard of three cases of tyrannosaur skin. None of these involve more than a small portion of skin AFAIK. Therefore they do not rule out the possibility of at least partial feathering. All extant birds have scales and/or naked skin on some parts.
I've also read that the tyrannosaur skin is identical to hadrosaur skin from the same deposits. I don't know what that was based on, as I can find the ref.
Does anyone know if the evidence of possible T-rex skin impressions is unequivocal?
Finally, why is it not possible for large ceolurosaurs to have feathers?
I'm not trying to be difficult; I simply don't understand!
Michael Lovejoy