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RE: Basilisk Update

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Alan Kellogg
Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2002 12:37 AM
To: Mickey Rowe
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Subject: Re: Basilisk Update

Serious subjects only, eh? "We're not supposed to have fun, we're

>>Mr Rowe, if you really must be a stick in the mud, why not start your
own dinosaur mailing list where you can screen messages before they
get posted?<<
Oh, this is a good one LOL! Mickey start his OWN list LOL. Mickey, who is
one of the one's that runs THIS list! Besides, I think he was joking.
 >>In no why am I being obscene or rude, and the subject is dinosaurs,
albeit imaginary ones. Thus the matter is on topic for the
Ah, no it ain't. Imaginary ones, might as well talk about Dragons!
 >>Your posting, in my opinion, was not.<<
Hey, that's a good idea, insult the one in charge, it works for me LOL. I
better send this fast before they put the kibosh on it and I get timed out.


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