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>   Ornithomimosauria has, as far as I can tell, been defined as
> {*Ornithomimus* > *Troodon*}, by Holtz, in accordance with the
> Bullatosauria hypothesis. This gives the taxon a lesser subjective use
> than Arctometatarsalia in some hypotheses. Problematically, Sereno defined
> (1999) Ornithomimidae {*Ornithomimus* + *Pelecanimimus*}, ignoring
> Ornithomimosauria, and including Alvarezsauridae in his Ornithomimoidea
> {*Ornithomimus* + *Mononykus*}.

To add a third definition, Padian, Hutchinson & Holtz (1999) used the
version "all descendants of the most recent common ancestor of
_Ornithomimus_ and _Pelecanimimus_", making a node-based Ornithomimosauria
within the stem-based Arctometatarsalia.

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