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Re: Eden K-T survival

Jerzy Dyczkowski wrote:

> I wondered how to explain extinction of all non-avian dinosaurs during the
> K-T and survival of ca.20 groups of modern birds and several of mammals.
> Suppose, that very small pockets of habitat could survive the K-T
> catastrophe much better than Earth on average. They could be protected by
> unusual surroundings and their ecosystems already adapted to difficult
> conditions. Such places could be refuges or "edens" for relatively diverse
> and vulnerable small animals (amphibians, turtles, birds, mammals etc.)
> when all large animals would be extinct. One example of such a refuge
> could be small mountain valley in area of generally high volcanic
> activity.

Or southern Australia. Where are good late Maastrichtian deposits when
you need them? :)



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