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National Park Service Paleo Newsletter

     This was just forwarded to me by Carrie Herbel at SDSM&T. Very interesting. It's a pdf file. DV:

For all those interested, the latest issue of the National Park Service's
Park Paleontology newsletter is now online.  You can read and/or download it
from the following web address:


Contents include:

--a new specimen of Stagonolepsis from Petrified Forest Nat'l Park;

--palynology of the Aquicludes of Fossil Gulch, Hagerman Fossil Beds;

--emergency fossil salvage from the Titanothere Graveyards, Badlands Nat'l

--newly discovered catfish skull from the Smithsonian Horse Quarry, Hagerman
Fossil Beds;

--recent survey discoveries from the Aniakchak National Monument and

--sauropods dinosaurs from Big Bend Nat'l Park