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RE: New Tyrannosaurus paper

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I wonder about this, and if they really looked at the skeletons?

Fact, Tyrannosaurs rex's ilia are tightly oppressed, almost to a point where
the sacral neural spines are crushed, more than any other theropod; meaning
large muscles. Giganotosaurus doesn't have this. The cnemial crest on the
tibia is HUGE. If the animal didn't move fast why have such a huge cnemial

 A chicken is not a T. rex. A chicken's body is totally different. The femur
articulation is totally different. The femoral head is nearly at a right
angle to the tibia in a chicken while in a theropods is nearly vertical,
I've said this before and should be some where in the archives. Birds and
dinosaurs walk differently, and differently with their muscles. Did the
authors just ASSUME birds and theropods walked the same? You can't assume
they did because the skeletal structure is different. Greg Paul and Per
Christian have an article in the theropod Gaia volume on the leg movement in
Tyrannosaurus. Was this article mentioned?

I'll have to wait till next week when I get the article. I doubt the paper
is all that accurate in depicting the behavior of Tyrannosaurus rex.

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