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RE: New Tyrannosaurus paper

Tracy wrote:
> I wonder about this, and if they really looked at the skeletons?

Short answer: Yes. They have.

Long answer: I have personally helped John Hutchinson take measurements of
the COMPLETE MOUNTED SKELETON in the atrium of VLSB here in Berkeley. And
then there is our huge collections in the UCMP, where we keep shelves and
shelves of rex material. And then there are all the dissections of various
birds and crocodiles John has done. And then there is that trip to Thailand
he made to do a biomechanical analysis of elephants. And then there was that
little PhD thesis he wrote called "The evolution of hindlimb anatomy and
function in theropod dinosaurs". And then... I feel like that drive-thru
lady in Dude, Where's My Car?

Does that mean he's right? No, that's for the scientific community to
decide. But even if you didn't know all those other details, the fact that
NSF and Stanford felt comfortable enough to give him a postdoc in their
biomechanics department means that maybe he knows what he's talking about.
As a Cal student, I personally think his choice of school borders on
treason, but even I have to admit you have to be pretty well-qualified to
get a post down on the Farm.

>A chicken is not a T. rex. A chicken's body is totally different. The femur
>articulation is totally different.

Maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm sure he knows the difference
between chicken and T. rex locomotory posture. I don't believe he's saying
it was identical.

>I'll have to wait till next week when I get the article.

Maybe you should have waited to read it before questioning the research
habits of people you probably don't know very well. :)

Mike D.