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Re: Thesis ethics?

In a message dated 2/27/02 12:11:28 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
Mickey_Mortimer11@email.msn.com writes:

<< In regards to what Dan actually said, why would it be wrong to call the
 taxon "Alashansaurus" maortuensis?  The quotation marks indicate the name is
 not official, so it's not misleading people into thinking it's accepted by
 the ICZN.  And if the information is available publically, why put a block
 on using the name publically? >>

Although Alashansaurus is not a scientific name, it is a published name, and 
as such it is certainly usable in any public discourse. Your convention of 
putting the name in quotes to indicate that the name is not (yet) a 
scientific name is quite apt, but you don't even have to do that. You may 
even cite the name in a scientific paper of your own, if you so desire. And, 
most interestingly, you could publish a paper formally describing a different 
new genus of dinosaur and call it Alashansaurus, since Alashansaurus Chure is 
not a scientific name and cannot preoccupy your name Alashansaurus. Then Dan 
could no longer use the name Alashansaurus for his own taxon. Of course, Dan 
would not be particularly pleased about this, and you might also find 
yourself personally in a bit of trouble with other paleontologists.