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Re: New Nature paper on Tyrannosaur Locomotion

I don't get Nature, so don't have the opportunity to look into this properly, but a couple of bits are giving my trouble. Maybe some of you more clued-up people can help me.
( apologies if others have already posted the answers, but I wont get my new messages until I send this one )
The Froude number was set at 2.5 for running. I thought, however, that the Froude number varies with size and shape? So, is that 2.5 measurement for T-rex?
Secondly, I'm not much good at equations ( what does the ^ mean? ). This one seems to imply that the higher the hip, and therefore the longer the leg, the harder it is to run.
Is this what it means or am I just reading it wrong ( wouldn't be the first time )?
Lastly, when calculating T-rex's required leg muscle mass, does it take into account the tail-based caudofemoralis? This muscle is a big factor in theropod locomotion.
Hope someone can put me straight on this. Thanks in advance!
Michael Lovejoy