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John Hutchinson's tyrannosaur

See further:
Dawn Levy, 2002. Tyrannosaurus rex probably could not run fast, scientists say. Stanford Report 27 February <www.stanford.edu/dept/news/report/news/march6/tyrannowalk-36.html>
This is a nicely done synopsis of John's work, and has links to his laboratory and his own webpage.
Juveniles were, to be sure, faster than their adults...thus: can the same formulae determine a maximum speed for rapid walking? I, for one, despite a boyhood dream of wanting to see a tyrannosaur, would not want to try to outwalk an angry/curious, nest-defending 47 foot tyrannosaur...outrun, perhaps, but the question, then, would be stamina: unless one is a regular jogger, able to maintain a steady pace for, say, an hour, a determined tyrannosaur might walk a little longer for a meal?