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R: New Tyrannosaurus paper

 Tracy wrote:
> Ok, he's done all that, but that doesn't mean he's understand the
> differences completely and has made the common mistake of assuming the two
> are the same, they ain't.

***** isn't it more likely that YOU're making the (un)common mistake of
thinking that he's not thought about it and has already assumed that the two
things are not the same??  mh...

> How can you compare a distal end of a femur that has a nearly right angle
> distal end with one that has a more horizontal one and say they are the
> same?

***guess we've already been told he's not said this..

> I'd love to see a dissection of a dinosaur that they could compare to. Yes
> know they can't.

**** ...sarcasm...perhaps the best part of the email

> So Stanford is the authority in dinosaurs? Just because he's been excepted
> their doesn't mean he's right.

**** so YOU are the  authority on dinos??

.Michael de Sosa had previously written:
> >> but I'm sure he knows the difference between chicken and T. rex
> locomotory posture. I don't believe he's saying
> it was identical.<<

and Tracy:
> Ah, here your making the same kind of assumption that I am.

**** no..he's said he(Micheal) is sure that the author of the paper
perfectly knows that there's some difference between chiks and tyrants,
while you're openly questioning this...seem like two different assumptions,
don't they??

Mr. de Sosa had written:
> >>Maybe you should have waited to read it before questioning the research
> habits of people you probably don't know very well. :)<<

 Tracy's answer:
>Hmm. So I guess we can't question the papers anymore and >just take them
> their word? If this is the case maybe I should give up and go back to
> driving a fork lift?

*** I think you'd better read the paper _before_ questioning its contents;
your asumptions are kinda naive, since you're saying that a scientist has
just (in your opinion) overlooked some basilar notions about differences in
hindlimb posture and movements between chick,crocs and dinos: nobody asks
you to take the author's words without arguing against them...just read
those words before questioning them,ok?

> Hmm, how long has he been doing this and how long have I been looking at
> dinosaurs?

***you wrote it right! looking at something doesn't authomatically mean
understanding it, but I'm sure you already knew this,right?

OTOA,studying something, even for a "short time" (guess Hutchinson has spent
some time on this BTW),maybe while being followed by someone, gives you
something _more_......but i may be wrong on this

>So I don't have a PhD, does this mean I can't question people, >or
> point out problems? Does this mean I don't know as much as >them?

****   frustration is such a sad thing, isn't it?(never mind, you're not
alone..I'm on that side too)

>(oh ah,
> never mind on that last one, they probably know a LOT more >than ME :) ).

****  guess you've come to the right conclusion by yourself...getting better

> Tracy L. Ford

Filippo Calzolari