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Re: NomEN Indecorum (?)

> > Just wondering, are there any dinosaur names that have been rejected
> > by the ICZN for reasons of taste and decency.


> > As you know, 'Scrotum humanum' is a nomen oblitum for Megalosaurus,

It wasn't even intended as a name.

> > and a dinosaur was named 'Irritator', showing that there is a
> > certain laxity to nomenclature nowadays.

So what? *Irritator* is certainly irritating... :-) *Zigzagiceras zigzag*
the ammonite also looks that way, and no more Latin word is known AFAIK...

> > So if (for example)the people who described Tsintaosaurus had called
> > it 'Phallocephal[u]s' (dickhead) would that name be overruled for
> > being too rude?

Don't think so. There's a "worm" called *Priapulus*, diminutive of the Greek
god of fertility Priapos. The worm, means, the whole group Priapulida
(usually at phylum rank) has an extensible... trunk at the front end. :-)