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RE: R: New Tyrannosaurus paper

If we're talking about *my* top speed, I can promise you that not a heck
of a lot would happen.  But let's compare all three moving at (in my
case, a rather hypothetical) 25 kph.  

The low-mass cheetah gets up, looks around, and tears into whoever
tripped him.  

The high-mass me has assorted cuts, bruises, abrasions and probably a
strained ligament or tendon.  More slowly and ponderously, I get up and
sue you.

The horse, however, has (like a tyrannosaur) both high mass and much
more height.  He has a broken leg and will starve if we don't shoot it


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> Here's an experiment to try:
> 1.  Obtain the following animals:  a cheetah, a human, and a horse.
> 2.  Have them all run at top speed along a straight line.
> 3.  Trip them.
> 4.  Check for vital signs.
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