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Re: Qilongia & omnivory

I have seen "carnivores", such as a bear and a mongoose (in Hawaii), eating bearies and fruit.
All those mustelids and bears, except the Polar Bear, are well-known omnivores. I'm particularly pleased to see that the same (unintended) pun with bears and berries (German: Bären & Beeren, pronounced the same) works in English. 8-)
I have also observed an adult giraffe, with its 18 inch tongue, clean out a nest and eat the chicks and eggs.
...and it would not surprise me in the least if the feathered taxa from China were omnivores: berries, insects, lizards.
Well, it would surprise me, if only because there hardly were any angiosperms in the middle EK, and probably no berries at all. Means, I think, there were no plant parts that were easier to digest than leaves and could have been attractive to carnivores (with short guts etc.). Fallen ginkgo fruits might be a possibility, though.