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RE: Qilongia & omnivory

Sheep living in the outer hebrides also kill and eat seabird chicks, only eating the head and legs, again, probably for calcium

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Subject: RE: Qilongia & omnivory
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 11:29:57 -0600

Stephan Pickering wrote:

>I have also observed
>an adult giraffe, with its 18 inch tongue, clean out a nest and eat the
>chicks and eggs.

Giraffes have also been observed gnawing on bones (left behind by predators
and scavengers).  The reason for this behavior is thought to be giraffe's
need for calcium - perhaps also the reason for the ovivory described above.
However, neither behavior qaulifies the giraffe as omnivorous, IMHO.

> it would not surprise me in the least if the
>feathered taxa from China were omnivores: berries, insects, lizards.

Personally, I think troodontids may have eaten plants, and that they
comprised a large part of their diet.  However, hunting small prey was
definitely their raison d'etre.

T. Mike Keesey wrote:

>IIRC, there's a mushroom called _Phallus impudicus_, so....

Is this the one that Charles Darwin's daughter (?Etty) wanted to
exterminate?  (Fungus envy?)



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