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RE: that paper of ours

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From: "Thomas R. Holtz, Jr." tholtz@geol.umd.edu
 "Running" in this case was set at Froude number (Fr) = 2.5, based on
observations of modern animals and on biomechanical theory.

 > A correction:  We made a distinction between "fast running" (45 mph, Froude 16) and running (theoretically, with  
>  lots of slop, Froude 1 or more).
 >  The magnitude of the ground reaction force at mid-stance was 2.5 times body weight (is 2.5-4 times body weight  
> during fast running regardless of size, etc.); the Froude # was not 2.5.
 Yep.  Sorry, my bad; G = 2.5 here, not Fr. 
As is the tiresome case when dealing with luddites and numerophobes, Bakker brought up the Ye Olde  
> "Bumblebees  can't fly" Myth.  This is a misleading approach that is often used to confuse people about modeling.   
> In  30 seconds I found these 3 pages that discuss what science really said about the bumblebee:
and here:
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