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RE: that paper of ours

Firstly, thanks for the replies.  I enjoyed reading the paper, though I
admit that most of the math went over my head.

Secondly, John Hutchinson wrote:

> >Very, very interesting stuff.  It will be even more interesting to see >
>this model tested against other, smaller theropods and other 
> >dinosaurs.  I would be interested in seeing how other young 
> >tyrannosaurs and ornithomimosaurs fare in this model.
>We model a quite small tyrannosaur (FMNH PR 2211 I think), which should >be
the same as an ornithomimosaur I'd expect; about twice as good at >running
as an adult Tyrannosaurus.

I'd be especially interested in using _Archaeopteryx_ as a model,
particularly in light of Burgers' work on running take-offs - with the
forelimbs/wings used as putative thrust-generators.  I wonder if
_Archaeopteryx_'s hindlimbs were adequate for generating enough groundspeed
to assist in overcoming the "velocity gap"?




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