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RE: New Nature paper on Tyrannosaur Locomotion

> From: Mike Taylor

> > Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 18:26:09 -0800
> > From: "Michael de Sosa" <ofsosa@uclink4.berkeley.edu>
> >
> > John was on NPR's All Things Considered radio show this evening
> > talking about the research. The counter-argument was given
> > by... wait for it... you can probably guess... Bob Bakker! No,
> > really!
> And ...  Well?  Did he have a convincing refutation?

He said it was easy to calculate speed from a trackway, and that he had the
"smoking footprints" that proved dinosaurs could run fast. He didn't say "T.
rex" as I recall, he said "dinosaurs". So maybe it's not even a tyrannosaur
trackway, but some ornithomimid, although let's not make assumptions before
we see the evidence.

> And don't you just _hate_ the way HP Holtz just reports what's in the
> new paper without giving us any of his own thoughts on it?  :-)
> C'mon Tom, enough lurking already!

Maybe he wants to wait til most people have read the paper before he starts
any arguments about it. Heh. But who can say what the elusive creature is

Mike D.