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Re: "Ichabodcraniosaurus" (was Re: Dinosaurian Hyoid Apparatus)

Nicholas Gardner wrote-

> >"Ichabodcraniosaurus"
> Never heard of it...

"Ichabodcraniosaurus" Novacek 1996
Campanian, Late Cretaceous
Djadochta Formation, Mongolia
Material- (GI 100/1015) skull, mandibles, hyoid, cervical vertebrae
Comments- Looks very much like Velociraptor.  The maxillary fenestra is more
anteriorly placed because the antorbital fenestra is longer, making the
antorbital fossa shorter.  In addition, the posterior border of the jugal is
less concave and the dorsal process is taller.  Also, the skull looks a bit
more robust.  Besides these characters, it looks identical to Velociraptor.
If they don't fall into the range of individual variation, I would classify
it as a species of that genus.  In fact, several supposed autapomorphies of
Velociraptor listed by Barsbold and Osmolska (1999) are apparent in this
skull (preorbital length about 60% of skull, rostral border of antorbital
fenestra broadly rounded, long subnarial process of premaxilla extending
well beyond caudal margin of external naris, nasal depressed, deepest behind
external naris, first and second premaxillary teeth longer than third and
fourth, ventral margin of dentary convex).
In addition, Norell et al. (2001) indicates "Ichabodcraniosaurus" has
ventrally curved, pendent paroccipital processes without the twist found in
Velociraptor.  Those are the only differences between the two in his data
matrix (out of 85 characters codable for "Ichabodcraniosaurus").
Anyone want a scan?

Mickey Mortimer