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Fw: Ornithomimids with filters?

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: Fam Jansma <fam.jansma@worldonline.nl>
Aan: RidenbaughD@aol.com <RidenbaughD@aol.com>
Datum: vrijdag 18 januari 2002 19:34
Onderwerp: Re: Ornithomimids with filters?

>Donald wrote:
>>This time, I have absolutely no reference for this topic, except that a
>>or two ago a friend of mind mentioned that there was an article in an
>>issue of Nature that talked about Ornithomimids having filters in their
>>mouth, not unlike that of ducks.  Since I do not have a subscription to
>>Nature, I was wondering if anyone here could provide me with some more
>>information on the subject. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks.
>When I started on a picture of Pelecanimimus, the first thing I did, was to
>do some
>background research on this critter. The main source were of course some
>bird heads to compare it to from some wildlife books, one of them contained
>a skull and life restoration of a flamingo. It looked so alike
>with it?s down turned beak and all, that I have used that picture as the
>source of info. Work started and as work progressed, it became more
>and more flamingo-like. Given the thought that flamingo?s are filter
>I looked at the dentition of Pelecanimimus. It had around 220 teeth! All
>closely packed in a relatively small jaw. Look at the skull of a flamingo
>it too contains lots and lots of tiny teeth which act like a bristle to
>small shrimp and stuff like that.  But the filter-teeth of flamingos are
>of cartilage and if they were present in Pelecanimimus, they don?t get
>in the fossilrecord. A pouch is also a clue, since it's then able to gather
>shrimps. And we can look at whales, when they try to capture shrimps and
>plankton, they extend some kind
>This is what I've discovered, it could be usefull for the thread
>Rutger Jansma