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Belated lamentations: Sam Girouard

In general, we at dinosaur list management seek to re-direct
conversations away from individuals since our focus here is supposed
to be science not people (not even scientists).  Sometimes, however,
it seems more than fitting to relax that stance.  I've recently
learned of a few things I thought should be related here about a past

Those of you who have been on the list for more than a couple of years
probably are familiar with the name Sam Girouard.  He wrote to the
dinosaur list occasionally starting some time in 1996.  Until today I
had no idea how young he was:


His web site on paleontology of the Northwest United States was highly
regarded (some of you will have to remove your links to the site
because it apparently doesn't exist any more).

Sam was the "alert subscriber" referred to in section 8f of the
dinosaur list's administrative message.

I did not notice until now, but Sam's contributions to the dinosaur
list ended in 1999.  Now, thanks to another alert subscriber I not
only know that but I know why:


Please take a moment to join me in wishing that this tragedy had been

Mickey Rowe     (rowe@psych.ucsb.edu)