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Re: Ten Ton Carnivore

Waylon Rowley wrote: 

In Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia (yes I finally bought
it!) Glut writes the Erectopus tooth "has a basal
diameter of 20 centimeters (more than 7.75 inches).
(This material establishes the occurrence of large
theropods in Portugal during the earliest
That's a damn big typo if it is one. Frankly, I don't
know what to make of it. It would be very interesting
if someone could confirm these measurements. I've
never heard of such a gigantic tooth. Maybe they're
measuring the length of the tooth?

        There is no such big tooth in Portugal. The tooth has a basal diameter of 20 mm and not 20cm!! as it says in the description by Sauvage (1898: 32) and Lapparent and Zbyszewski (1957: 27)
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