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Re: Book recommendations.

> Below are some candidates so can you tell me what you think of them
> and, if like, suggest other books?  Thanks a ton ^_^
> "The Armored Dinosaurs" by Kenneth Carpenter.
> "Mesozoic Vertebrate Life" by Darren H. Tanke etc.
> "Wildlife of Gondwana: Dinosaurs and Other Vertebrates from the
> Ancient Supercontinent" by Pat Vickers Rich etc.
> "Dinosaurs of Australia and New Zealand and Other Animals of the
> Mesozoic Era" by John A. Long

For the last two you can see my Australian Dinosaur Books page at:

Keep in mind that "Wildlife of Gondwana" only has a fairly small section
on dinosaurs, and covers about 500 million years of Gondwanan
prehistory. That's not to say that the non-dino stuff isn't good,
though. It's fairly expensive too, but it is a HUGE book.


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