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Minor correction (was RE: Haha, even more questions)

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From: Mickey Mortimer [mailto:Mickey_Mortimer111@msn.com]
Rutger Jansma wrote-
> 1) Ginnareemimus is reported to have an almost "arctometatarsalian" pes, like in Sinovenator, > but how does this relate in terms of their relationships, are they closely related or does this
> mean the arctometatarsalian pes can be achieved by convergence leaving it as practicly
> meaningless in phyletics?
And Tom Holtz replied-
>> A) The Thai ornithomimosaur actually has a metatarsus which is closer in form to
>> ornithomimids proper than is GarudimimusSinovenator's pes, on the other hand, is non-
>> arctometatarsalian.
 > I thought Garudimimus' metatarsus was fully arctometatarsal, as much as Elmisaurus or Ornithomimus velox at least.   
> Isn't it the one illustrated as Oviraptor in Currie and Russell (1988)? 
My bad: meant to type "Harpymimus".  Yes, Garudimimus is a good model for this guy.

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