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Re: Paleontologists in Cinema

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<< my question is:
Have any other noted paleontologists been involved in film (either in the
capacity of advisor, or some other offscreen thing, or an actual acting
role)? >>

       Willis O'Brien ("The Lost World", "King Kong") is said to have 
consulted with Barnum Brown begining with his work with the Edison Studios in 
New York. Brown continued his consultation with O'Brien in "The Ghost of 
Slumber Mountain"(1919). According to George Turner in _The Spawn of Skull 
Island_Luminary Press, 2002, O'Brien,"constructed five prehistoric monsters 
under Brown's guidance, avoiding caricature and making the beasts as 
realistic as possible. Brown also suggested most of the action, which 
indulges in no slapstick". DV