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Re: Paleontologists in Cinema PT 2

       I just remembered something else (amazing how some brain cells can 
survive through the years). I can't remember the exact name of the series, 
but I can find out. Back in the mid-1950's, CBS Television and the American 
Museum of Natural History cooperated in producing a brief-lived documentary 
series that was broadcast on weekends. The title was "Adventure" or something 
like that. I vividly remember an episode about dinosaurs that I'm pretty sure 
interviewed Ned Colbert as the museum's dinosaur specialist. The other cool 
part was that scenes from the then new film, "The Animal World" were used. 
The dinosaurs were modeled by Marcel Degado (?) and were animated by Ray 
Harryhausen, the segment being supervised by Willis O'Brien. Hoping my memory 
is correct, wouldn't it be great to get our mitts on a film or kinescope of 
that program? Jenny? I haven't seen "The Animal World" since 1956 (I was 7) 
but I do know bootlegs are available. Does anyone know if Colbert was 
credited as an advisor? DV
       PS Pete Von Sholly has discovered that the Dell Comic of "The Animal 
World" was drawn by Mo Gollub, the Old Master of those classic "Turok" covers.