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Caudipteryx (was Re: Just following the trend of questioning...)

HP Luis Rey wrote:

> New, detailed paper on Caudipteryx points out that the third finger
> retains only two phalanges and is virtually atrophied, clawless and maybe
> almost fused to the second finger . I don't know any detailed analyses of
> Protarchaopteryx hand, but as with everything that may be ourdated too.

What does it mean about the phylogenic position of _Caudipteryx_? IIRC it's
been thought to be a basal oviraptorosaur. But I don't recall any
oviraptorosaur with 2 phalanges on the 3rd digit.


About Paul Sereno: wonderful, what he's done for this young girl interested
in paleontology.

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