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re: 'Just following the trend of questioning...(FEATHERED FEET?]'

Masitisisauropus: It looks like a standard grallatorid. It's preserved in medium-grained sandstone, and there are no signs that I could see of anything that might possibly with a huge amount of imagination be called feathers.....

(BTW Masitisisauropezus does too.)



Argentinian bird-like tracks:

(snipped and highlighted from Ray's original message):

 "... seemingly hinting that the Argentine 'bird-like' tracks should be questioned because no bones of such tiny theropods have been found there. IF (and only if) that's what she was hinting,"

Ray seems to have put words into mouth. Unfortunately, they are not words that would have come OUT of my mouth. Who can tell anything from a single sentence quote?


Parts of the quote that got snipped included my views on the Argentinean material's similarity to Trisauropodiscus - another Late Triassic track attributed to a bird (by Paul Ellenberger and Martin Lockley) - which nonetheless looks like a small Anomoepus (which as EVERYBODY knows is an ornithischian track J).

Now, not having SEEN Ricardo's prints in person, I can't really say much with confidence at all, can I? I can merely speculate.



(A real-life full-blooded ichnologist. Who happens to have an appreciation for bonies.)


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