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Re: Caudipteryx (was Re: Just following the trend of questioning...)

Aspidel wrote-

> What does it mean about the phylogenic position of _Caudipteryx_? IIRC
> been thought to be a basal oviraptorosaur. But I don't recall any
> oviraptorosaur with 2 phalanges on the 3rd digit.

Uh, nothing. :-)
As the only other coelurosaurs with two or less phalanges on digit III are
tyrannosaurids and derived pygostylians (Protopteryx, Longipteryx,
Eocathayornis, ornithothoracines), and there's no other evidence it's
related to these clades, the reduced third digit is just an apomorphy.  Note
that because basal birds (Sapeornis, confuciusornithids, Jibeinia) have less
reduced third digits, this does not support ABSRDists' ideas it is their
sister group.

Mickey Mortimer