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Re: Caudipteryx (was Re: Just following the trend of questioning. ..)

Tim Williams wrote-

> > As the only other coelurosaurs with two or less phalanges on digit
> > III are tyrannosaurids and derived pygostylians (Protopteryx,
> > Longipteryx, Eocathayornis, ornithothoracines),
> What about alvarezsaurids and carnotaurines?

Carnotaurines aren't coelurosaurs and show no evidence for a reduced
phalangeal count on digit III (unless Aucasaurus preserves a good manus).
Shuvuuia seems to have at least three phalanges on digit III, based on the
new specimen at SVP 2001.  Mononykus' digit II and III phalanges are

Mickey Mortimer