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Re: small dinosaurs with feathers

Patrick Norton (ptnorton@msn.com) wrote:

<Sorry Nick, the Family Hominidae consists of one extant genus with one
extant species. I'd be real interested in knowing the other six....>

  Two species of gorilla, *Gorilla*
  Three species of chimpanzee, *Pan* (including bonobos)
  One species of "human", *Homo*

  Hominidae, as currently recognized, includes all these, including
australopithecines, *Ororrin*, etc.. Homininae includes the above, minus
*Ororrin* and sundry others, and Hominini is us and only *Homo*, as well
as perhaps *Kenyanthropus*. Including all species. *Pongo* is an hominoid,
along with *Gigantopithecus* and *Sivapithecus*.

Jaime A. Headden

  Little steps are often the hardest to take.  We are too used to making leaps 
in the face of adversity, that a simple skip is so hard to do.  We should all 
learn to walk soft, walk small, see the world around us rather than zoom by it.

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