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RE: ornithomimosaur

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It's Ornithomimus edmontonensis from the Dinosaur Park Formation. It was
collected by Philip Currie, Clive Coy, Evan Fritz, Don Henderson, Ken
Kucher, and Stewart Wright after being discovered by Jean Thompson and Kevin
Aulenback on the morning of July 12, 1995.

The story goes...

While working with Dennis Braman at a fossil plant site, Kevin was
jackhammering his way through overburden when Jean suddenly saw bone
fragments flying. It was this skeleton. Kevin's jackhammer went right
through the shoulder, though luckily just missing the skull.

This story was told to me by Dr. Currie, but I refreshed my memory by
flipping through an excellent children's book put out by the Royal Tyrrell
Museum which deals with this fossil exclusively -- Ornithomimus: Pursuing
the Bird-Mimic Dinosaur by Monique Keiran (from the Discoveries in
Palaeontology series) published in 1999.

Allan Turner
Earth Rangers
Toronto, ON, Canada

Well the thing is Bob Sullivan synonymized Ornithomimus edmontonensis with
Ornithomimus antiquus 1997

Sullivan, R. M., 1997, A Juvenile Ornithomimus antiquus (Dinosauria:
Thropoda: Ornithomimosauria), from the Upper Cretaceous Kirtland Formation
(De-Na-Zin Member), San Juan Basin, New Mexico: New Mexico Geological
Society Guidebook, 48th Field Conference, Mesozoic Geology and Paleontology
of the Four Corners Region, 1997, p. 249-253.

Genus: Ornithomimus MARSH, 1890
= Coelosaurus LEIDY, 1865/[Anonymous, but known to be OWEN] 1854
= Coelurosaurus WHITE, 1973 (sic)
= Ornithomimus KEYES, 1894 (sic)
= Ornithomimidorum gen. a HUENE, 1926 (nomen oblitum)
= Ornithominus NOPCSA, 1918 (sic)
 O.  antiquus (LEIDY, 1865) BAIRD & HORNER, 1979  (Type)
   = Coelosaurus antiquus LEIDY, 1865
   = Struthiomimus antiquus (LEIDY, 1865)
   = Laelaps macropus COPE, 1868 (nomen dubium)
   = Dryptosaurus macropus (COPE, 1868) (nomen dubium)
   = Ornithomimus  velox MARSH, 1890 (Was the Type)
   = Ornithimimus  edmontonensis C. M. STERNBERG, 1933
   = Ornithomimus edmontoinicus C. M. STERNBERG, 1933
   = Ornithomimus edmontonianus KUHN, 1965 (sic)
   = Ornithomimus edmonticus (lapsus calami) LUCAS, MATEER, HUNT & O'NEIL,
   = Ornithomimus edmontonensis (lapsus clamani) BARSBOLD & OSMOLSKA, 1989
   = Struthiomimus currelli PARKS, 1933
   = Ornithomimus currelli (PARKS, 1933) KUHN, 1965
   = Struthiomimus currellii KUHN, 1965 (sic)
 O. sedens MARSH, 1892
   = Ornithiomimus sedens KEYES, 1894 (sic)

Tracy L. Ford
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